Hi, I am Verne Yan, the silk embroidery artist. I love Canada , the beautiful country with people from different part of the world enjoying the worldwide delicacies and culture. Here me,with my mother --a famous silk embroidery artist Linyin Wang and our family,are pleased to introduce you one of Chinese outstanding culture, so you can have the chance to know more about China .

China is known as a great country with long history. There are lots of outstanding traditional culture and handcrafts in China . Handmade embroidery is one of oldest and wonderful traditional culture. That is what I want to introduce to you, our Canadian friends.


Out of Paradise Silk Embroidery Gallery is Verne Yan and Linying Wang's art studio. I,Verne Yan have rich designing and 20 years embroidering experience as embroiderer and designer and my mother Linying Wang is a national deputy technologist in China , and have almost 50 years experience in embroidering. She have ever worked in Suzhou embroidery research institute, which is the only official silk embroidery research commonalty in China , for 35 years. During that period some major art works which she participated won prizes in international fair. Now you can find my art works in Out of Paradise Silk Embroidery Gallery.